Meet the Designer

Karen believes in designing jewelry with a soul. She is inspired by historical jewelry and searches out vintage components to make each design unique. Someone once told her that her mind was like a treasure chest - a box filled with surprises of creativity. She revels in that creativity with refinement to see how she can update her jewelry to fit the tastes of the modern-day woman.  Her pieces are timeless as she uses quality materials and attention to detail.

Helping others has been a lifelong value of the designer as she is continually seeking opportunities that allow her to follow her passion for designing jewelry and giving back.  She is an active volunteer in the community and always eager to find quality partnerships.

Karen is currently partnering with a foundation in Austin, Texas called Beautifully Loved. The organization raises funds and provides programs and support for children affected by cancer and blood disorders. 10% of her sales goes back to the organization.




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